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Monday, September 09, 2002

RSS 0.94/2.0 to RDF converter

One possible implementation of semantic schemas is to convert XML to RDF with XSLT. So I created an XSLT file to convert RSS 0.94/2.0 to RDF. The result is better than RSS 1.0, because it doesn't have to be backwards compatible. For example, title elements can become dc:title elements. I only used the standard modules, not the proposed ones. If anyone has suggestions for improvement (like an RDF/RSS specialist) I'd like to hear them. You can try it for your own RSS file at the W3C XSLT service. Examples: w3future, Scripting News. Try to post the results in the W3C RDF Validator. That will result in some fancy graph images.

RSS 2.0

Tomorrow morning I plan to remove the caveat on the draft RSS 2.0 specification. Before then, if you see any problems (not mega-problems, please), let me know. [Scripting News]

There's one thing: most blogs have permalinks, so the guid element is almost always going to be a permalink. Therefore I suggest to make a guid to be a permalink by default. Add noLink="true" if it is not a URL.

Also my gut feeling is that calling this RSS 2.0 is a bit hasty. Let's first call it 0.94 and play with it a bit. It's the first time that namespaces are allowed. Maybe this adds big incompatibilities nobody thought of yet. RSS 2.0 deserves a bit of practical experience.