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Sunday, September 08, 2002

Another problem with RDF

Shelley Powers proposed an RDF friendly version of RSS 2.0. I have a proposal too. It uses rdf:parseType="Collection". This is new. And that the problem. RDF is in a state of flux. Yes, there is a recommendation, but later it was realised that a few mistakes were made. And work was started on refactoring the RDF/XML syntax. RDF is simply not a solid foundation on which to build RSS.

The RSS 0.94 spec

The new table of elements in the RSS 0.94 spec is a big improvement in clearity. One small suggestion: split it in two, required elements and optional elements. That saves one column.

By the way, if everybody hates textInput and skipHours, can't we just say so in the spec? Actually I think that's what deprecated means: Everybody hates it, but it's there so use it if you want to, but don't use it if you don't have to.