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Friday, March 08, 2002

Xopus in Mozilla and IE5

Ross Gardler just received this from an Xopus developer: "The next version will be open sourced once it has reached the release level. The next Xopus will be IE5.0 and Netscape 6 compliant." [Sam Ruby's Radio Weblog]

It's cool to read that Sam Ruby is interested in Xopus. Of course Xopus is less cool without IE5.5's contentEditable. But it's nice that Xopus will be cross-platform. And we also already noticed an IE-only product is not really taken serious in the open source world.

Radio Userland together with Jabber

Mindblowing!. RPC to clients without a fixed IP address. The aggregator posting its stories to a chat room so anyone can read them 'live'. A remote command line interface with Radio Userland in your chatclient. A good programmable client (and server?) like Radio is exactly what Jabber needed.