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Tuesday, February 05, 2002

I've put the notification code in its own thread and added it to the postItem callbacks. From the 29 notification subscriptions I've received, only 7 notification actually succeed. I suppose must people aren't running their computers 24 hours a day. Therefore I've shortened the XML-RPC timeout to 5 seconds. This post is to test if it all really works.

I've added a download section to my site, which is now pointing to Beyond JS only. Beyond has a new version too, by the way.

OK, putting the notification code in the template wasn't very smart. It caused Radio to first notify everyone, before actually publishing the changes. But I'm sure I can hook it up somewhere else.

Over night the number of notification subscriptions increased to 24! This is fun! It's the first true peer-to-peer thing I've done.

Ok, the IP-number is available in the "client" variable. I've put a notifyClients macro into the homepage template, so 6 people will already get notified of this update. If everything works that is.

I've received the first two rssPleaseNotify calls, so I suppose that works. But I can't send notifications yet, because I don't know the IP numbers of the callers.

I've changed my rss.xml so that it contains a cloud element, that points to my homecomputer. So if you've subscribed to my rss file with Radio 8, it should call the radio.rssPleaseNotify xml-rpc call I've implemented at home. It's hard to test, so let's just wait and see what happens.