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Julien Moorrees: "I have built a web service which you can use to add a Messenger (like ICQ , MSN Messenger, America Online Instant Messenger) to your applications." [Scripting News]

I wish someone would make a webservice (XML-RPC or SOAP) that can send a message to a ICQ, MSN, AOL or Yahoo messenger user. I'm sure that service will be very popular. Maybe someone with Jabber knowledge can make this?

Jose Pereira sent me: "Obrigado pela vossa página e parabens." My Portuguese is quite rusty, but I think it's very nice of him to say. But then this message was probably not meant for me...

Brent pointed me to Some nice and smooth effects there. (bring your glasses and flashlight though) It reminds me of the days when I, aka Sigmatic, was making demos with a group called Jello. These 'demos' were multimedia effects programmes mainly in assembly. They were made to run in DOS, and I can't get them to run under Windows 2000 (which doesn't suprise me at all). There still is that Gravis Ultrasound soundcard in my PC though (doing nothing).

DaveNet: Big Blank Machine. [Scripting News]

Javascript is a big blank space too. You realize that from time to time when someone comes along and creates beautiful new effects. [techno weenie]

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