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Many flashy new things you can't use when you work on a Mac. For instance, Sjoerd Visscher DHTML stuff does not seem to run on a Mac. If Sjoerd would be right, I would be able to use his examples (which I am sure is well written Javascript). [owrede_log]

It is correct that it is difficult to create pages that work exactly the same on all browsers. However my statement was a reply to Jake, and he talked about things like popup menus. And they are even hard to do for one browser. My javascript is often so simple and minimal, that it really surprises me that it doesn't work on the Mac. On the other hand, porting code to another platform without testing hardly ever works.

Just like Adam Curry I'm trying to get the xmlStorageSystem running on Frontier. It's not working perfectly yet, but this way I at least get to learn more about Frontier. To be able to do some more testing, I created an xmlStorageSystem interface. If you've got Radio Userland, and upstreaming enabled, then try it with your username and password.

To be able to try some XML-RPC calls, I built a simple interface around the XML-RPC client, so that there is now an online XML-RPC debugger. Then I found out that Graham Dumpleton had one available already, including introspection.

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