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Hmm. My quote on Scripting News didn't go unnoticed. The hitcounter of my weblog reached 300 today. That's a lot, my previous record was 133 on one day. I'll have to write some more about it! I wish I knew what exactly made all those people follow that link. Were they expecting a Jakob Nielsen-like column, some code examples or a place to flame? Maybe they were all grannies...

At the Scripting News Dinner Dave noted that the font size of my site was a bit too small. I wasn't aware of that, as it's the same font as the default windows font. But compared to other weblogs it was indeed a bit small. And this minor incompatibility apparently caused some issues with certain eyeballs. ;) Comparing the new font with the buttons on the left (with the original font), I must admit that the new font is easier to read.

Jake: "I can barely believe how difficult it is to design complex user interfaces in DHTML. Simple stuff is -- well, simple -- but complex things (even if they conform to common user interface standards) seem to just suck the life out of you." [Scripting News]

The good part is: you don't have to do complex things. The web has a new simple interface standard. 3 user actions: scroll, click and type. And one feedback option: content replacement. That's the interface your grandmother understands. She doesn't understand drag-n-drop or overlapping windows. And this simple interface standard is very easy to do with DHTML.

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