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Using server side XML parsing


Some documents can take a long time to load.

XML parsing

In the previous version I used client side XML parsing. But all the different versions of MS's XML parser caused some problems, and IE6 does not allow script to load resources from other domains by default.

Last Update

7/29/2002; 12:08:32 AM

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The XML files are parsed on the server. It generates javascript data. This data is then loaded into the page through an IFRAME. When a branch is encountered with type="file" or type="link", and the url ends with ".opml" or ".xml", or with type=RSS then the file is automatically loaded into the tree.

When you expand links to html pages, the Google XML-RPC gateway is used to render the related sites. This is an idea by Dave Winer.


Click here to download. It contains all files to get this to run, and should be installed on a PHP server.